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Over the course of approximately 40 years, several notable retrofits have been designed and are available today for installation on older Kimwood sanders. Some retrofits are looked upon as a necessity to simply help companies remain competitive, others are to update purchase parts that are no longer available. Kimwood in certain instances has introduced new assemblies and/or entire models with these new updated features included. Kimwood service technicians continually provide updates in regards to industry demands for new features. These requests are reviewed and implemented accordingly. And finally, some retrofits are based on improving the safety of the equipment.

For more information on available upgrades for the Control Master Sander, click on the links below.

Safety Retrofits:

  • Anti-Kickback Fingers
    A very important safety feature for protecting plant personal from injury due to a panel being ejected unexpectly.

  • Primary Chain Housing
    Provides the maximum protection to operating personal. New chain housings are built with sectional covers to allow easier access to sprockets & chains.
Roll Enchancements:

Sander Enchancements:

  • 3rd Infeed Feed and Pinch Roll
    An addition to the first 2 feed and pinch rolls ahead of the primary sanding heads. This retro-fit is intended to eliminate slippage that can sometimes occur in this area prior to the leading edge of a panel reaching the first feed roll downstream from the primary heads.

  • Air Bag Tracking
    Replaces high impact and air consuming air cylinders with smooth operating and efficient air bags.

  • Air Compressor
    Adds a high pressure compressor to the system which is designed to boost existing plant air going to the critical high pressure cylinders in the sander.

  • Air Knife Assemblies
    These replaces the traditional powered radax brushes to provide a more thouroughly cleaned panel surface.

  • Airflex Emergency Brakes
    A replacement for disc and drum brakes, this system utilizes the reliable and durable Airflex brake. These brakes are used on Kimwood's new sanders and stock is typically available at Kimwood. (Requires double extended motors.)

  • Bearing Temperature Monitoring System
    Eliminates the guess work of determining bearing temperatures and also provides warnings of possible bearing problems.

  • Kimwood 2K Tracking
    Replaces the incandescent and typically obsolete type tracking systems. State of the art and readily available components are utilized with the new tracking systems.

  • Main Lift and Orifice Counter
    A new simple and inexpensive approach for indicating sander deck and head heights.

  • Online Tracking Mechanism
    This device is utilized to simplify coarse adjustments when tracking in abrasive belts.

  • Platen Bar Retrofit
    A new and improved Platen Bar design which incorporates a quick change insert. These new inserts can literally be changed out in seconds thus eliminating the tedious process of stapling and rebuilding tack strips altogether.

  • Platen Idler Roll Assemblies
    The idler roll assembly is equipped with standard ball bearings to eliminate the smaller, more expensive and difficult to obtain self aligning ball bearings. This retrofit includes mounting adapters for the existing yoke plates. New style finish head units are also available which offer additional features.

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