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Made in the USA
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Kimwood has been manufacturing the Ferrari Resaw since acquiring the patent rights from Klamath Ward in 1971. Kimwood's impressive history of successful installations has made the Ferrari Resaw the standard from which many others are judged. Dating back to 1960, the basic design philosophy for all Kimwood equipment continues today.... a heavy duty machine capable of combining high production while maintaining close tolerance. Our ongoing policy has been one of product and service commitment to the forest products industry. Click the following link to check for "New or Reconditioned Equipment" currently in stock.

Ferrari Resaw
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Ferrari Resaws Models:

  • Standard Duty Single Band
  • Heavy Duty Single Band

  • Standard Duty Twin Band
  • Heavy Duty Twin Band

  • Standard Duty Triple Band
  • Heavy Duty Triple Band

The Ferrari Resaw is capable of cutting with one or both saws at speeds up to 400 fpm for fast, clean cuts that hold to a very close tolerance, in certain cases within .003". Variable speed hydraulic feed, handles stock as small as 1/4" x 1/4" up to 16" wide x 14" high. They are designed for saws up to 6" wide, ranging from 18 to 24 gauge. The Ferrari enables you to greatly reduce your saw kerf and replace those piles of sawdust with pure profit.

General features:

  • Table can be tilted up to 50° inward or 30° outward.
  • Capable of sawing jambs, headers, casings, and sidings in multiples with close tolerances.
  • Variable speed hydraulic feed rolls drive from 40 to 400 fpm.
  • Hardened tool steel knife edges on all the strain components.
  • Utilized anti-friction bearings throughout.
  • Patented top and bottom saw guides.
  • Sniping eliminated due to placement of feed rolls.
  • Guides adjustable while machine is running.
  • Rear saw is capable of moving forward 2 1/2" or back 8" from the front saw or it can be tilted back to 20° .
  • Saw Specifications: 18 to 21 gauge with 18' 6" minimum and 20' 6" maximum lengths and up to 6" wide.
Standard vs. Heavy Duty:

Standard Duty Heavy Duty

Band Wheel Width
Maximum Width of Saw
4 1/2"
Saw Drive Motors
30-40 Hp
40-50 Hp
Feedroll Drive Motors
7 1/2 Hp
12 Hp
Feedroll Height

A simple adjustment allows any taper, vee, bevel, straight saw, double bevel, or single resaw with just a single pass. Any of these illustrated cuts can be obtained in one pass on a Twin Band Tilting Resaw.

Ferrari Resaw Cut Profiles

Kimwood has been involved in the manufacture of Ferrari resaws for the wood products industry since 1972. Through the years, the resaws have been updated as required to accomodate specific industry applications which characterize the everchanging industry. As the applications have changed so have certain areas of the resaw. Click "Ferrari Retrofits" for available resaw upgrades.

Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings:

Kimwood maintains historical files for all Ferrari resaws manufactured by Kimwood plus, some files for resaws manufactered by Klamath Ward. As a result of this, almost all of the equipment originally supplied can be manufactured from our files. Kimwood also can reproduce most machine assembly drawings and original manuals for those pieces of equipment. Click "Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings" for more information.

Ferrari Reconditioning Program:

Let us look over your present Ferrari Resaw and provide a price to recondition your existing resaw. Click "Reconditioning Program" for more information.

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