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Kimwood Terms & Conditions of Sale for Parts Orders

General Pricing and Terms: Unless otherwise stated, prices are quoted in United States Funds, FOB truck, point of manufacture. All taxes beyond the point of manufacture are for the purchaser's account. Each parts order is to be a stand-alone transaction. No contingent arrangements unless previously authorized by Kimwood.

Terms of sale for domestic parts sales: For all parts ordered by customers for shipment within the United States or Canada who have been extended credit by Kimwood, full payment is due on a net 10 basis. If the price of the parts ordered is $10,000 or greater a 25% deposit may be charged. For those customers who have not purchased from Kimwood before a 50% deposit shall be charged.

Terms of sale for non-domestic parts sales: For all parts ordered for shipment out of the United States and Canada a written P.O. and 50% of the listed price for the part(s) must be received at Kimwood prior to manufacture. The remaining 50% will be invoiced approximately two weeks prior to the estimated shipment date and will be due prior to the shipment leaving Kimwood.

Processing Fee: A $50.00 processing fee may be applied to all parts purchased for all Kimwood equipment manufactured prior to 1984.

Minimum Order: A minimum order of $50.00 shall apply to all parts sold by Kimwood.

Credit Checks: For all customers who have not made a purchase from Kimwood for a minimum of one year from the date of the most recent order, a credit check may be necessary prior to making a new purchase. In lieu of a credit check parts may be purchased on a COD basis.

Parts Warranty Policy: Kimwood warrants to the original purchaser that parts manufactured by Kimwood (Other than pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders) for use in equipment manufactured by Kimwood will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Kimwood's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacing at Kimwood's facility any parts which shall, within 180 days after delivery to the original purchaser be determined by Kimwood to be defective. Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders carry a 90-day warranty.

NOTE: Reconditioned, high-speed sander rolls are warranted for 120-days effective 2-weeks following actual ship date from Kimwood. New, high-speed sander rolls are warranted for 180-days effective 2-weeks following actual ship date from Kimwood.

Kimwood makes no warranty for parts sold by Kimwood, which are not manufactured by Kimwood. Such parts shall only have those warranties, which are made by the manufacturer of such parts. Kimwood's warranty may be deemed null and void should a Kimwood part(s) and or sub-assemblies which are used or mounted on another piece of equipment not manufactured by Kimwood and which other piece of equipment is deemed to be the cause of a failure of a Kimwood part(s) and or sub-assemblies.

Stock Parts Return Policy: Upon receiving prior written approval from Kimwood purchaser may return non-defective stock parts purchased from Kimwood within 180 days of the original purchaser order date. The purchaser shall pay the cost of shipping the parts to Kimwood. Upon receipt of the returned parts Kimwood shall credit purchaser with the original sales price less a restocking fee equal to a minimum 25% of the original sales price. An identifiable copy of the original packing slip and / or sales invoice must accompany all authorized returns.

Custom Parts Return Policy: Custom made parts may not be returned to Kimwood with the exception of custom made parts which are deemed to be defective by Kimwood. The authorized return of a defective part must be made within 180 days from the date of the purchase order.

Defective parts return Policy: Parts must have been purchased within 180 days in order to be applicable for replacement under the defective parts policy. Occasionally it is possible to determine via phone, fax and e-mail communication with Kimwood if a part is defective however; most often parts must be inspected at Kimwood to determine if they are truly defective. Parts may not be returned unless the purchaser receives prior written approval of Kimwood. All parts must be shipped back to Kimwood at customer's expense. Kimwood will inspect the part and a determination of its condition will be made and communicated back to the customer. If the part is determined to be defective the part will be replaced and shipped back to the customer at Kimwood's expense. If the part is not defective the part will be shipped back to the customer freight collect. An identifiable copy of the original packing slip and / or sales invoice must accompany all authorized returns.

Policy on parts sales for equipment modified or built by others: When orders for parts are received at Kimwood, our parts department relies on in-house historical files and information provided by the person placing the order. It is impossible for Kimwood to be aware of any and all modifications previously made to Kimwood equipment after leaving the plant unless Kimwood was involved in the modifications. While Kimwood maintains historical files on most equipment previously manufactured by Kimwood or, on product lines now represented by Kimwood, our sales department is finding that field modifications to Kimwood equipment by others is rendering portions of our files / prints / specifications / tolerances / etc., to be incorrect. As a result, occasional parts ordered for Kimwood equipment that has been rebuilt or modified by others is resulting in incorrect parts being supplied rendering the OEM parts non-useable by the purchaser. In light of this Kimwood is requesting that each customer be very careful when ordering parts and that any modifications made by others be divulged at the time of order placement. If in doubt please ask questions, define the required parts carefully, and let our parts department know if you or others have made modifications to this particular part of the equipment. Photographs, sketches with critical dimensions are helpful.

The Kimwood's parts department will assist you as best they can with the information provided. However, if Kimwood determines that modifications were made to the equipment or the equipment was originally built or rebuilt by others, rendering parts received from Kimwood useless, it will be at the customer's expense to reorder and cover all replacement and shipping charges to remedy the situation. At the discretion of Kimwood, Kimwood will determine if credit will be allowed on the incorrect parts.

Past Due Accounts: Payment of invoices is considered past due if payment is not made within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Any past due balances may result in a change of credit terms. A 2% month service charge on past due accounts will be charged.

Shipping: Standard boxing, crating and packaging for auto freight is included in the price quotation unless specifically noted differently at the time of sale. Special packaging for rail, water or export shipment, unless specifically noted in the quotation, will be an additional costs paid by the purchaser.

Delivery: Kimwood shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of parts. The Kimwood product lines consist of thousands of individual manufactured and or purchased parts dating back many years. While some parts are carried in stock most are custom built as required. Many times what may appear as a simple parts order requires much research through old files by Kimwood personnel to determine the correct part for the customer's equipment.

In order for Kimwood to determine the correct parts we ask that you provide the following information when requesting parts:
  • Type of equipment
  • Serial number and date of manufacture.
  • Assembly / drawing number if available.
  • Individual part numbers if available.
  • If the equipment was moved from another plant, please let us know this.
  • Part application and size description.
With this information Kimwood will do its best to fill purchaser's order in timely manner.

Kimwood recommends that each customer consider the stocking of custom-made spare parts at their plant for emergencies. Kimwood has available for certain equipment recommended spare parts stocking lists.

Loss or Damage in Shipment: Kimwood's responsibility for delivery ends upon release of the parts to the carrier. Should a shortage occur or an item arrives in damaged condition, do not sign a receiving slip without noting shortages or describing damages. Proceed to place a claim with the carrier promptly. Kimwood will be glad to assist with such claims as necessary.

Same Day Stock Parts Delivery: Kimwood will ship on the same day of order placement orders for LARGE stock parts received prior to 10 AM in the morning for an additional fee. Large order stock parts are defined as Kimwood parts that typically require special packaging and or crating. While Kimwood will guarantee the same day delivery, the actual arrival date at the customer's site will be dependent on the carrier.

NOTE: The same day stock parts delivery program is applicable to larger parts with larger parts defined as Kimwood parts which typically require special packaging and or crating. Small parts easily packaged and typically sent via UPS do not fall into this category. The fee for same day delivery of larger stock parts is calculated at 5% of the list price or $50.00, the greater of the two.

Custom Manufactured Parts Priority Delivery: Kimwood will enter into its main production schedule for immediate processing under priority status a custom parts order for manufactured non-stock parts. The estimated ship date of the part will be dependent upon the actual part on order and will be determined at the time of order placement. While Kimwood will guarantee within reason the estimated ship date, the actual delivery schedule will be dependent on the carrier. All custom manufactured parts will be shipped UPS next-day, size permitting. NOTE: The fee for custom manufactured parts priority delivery is calculated at 5% of the list price or $50.00, the greater of the two. If Kimwood does not meet the agreed upon priority ship date the added fee will not be charged.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: No accepted purchase order may be modified except by the written consent of Kimwood, nor may it be cancelled after five (5) days of acceptance by Kimwood. If a purchase order is cancelled after five (5) days of acceptance by Kimwood, the parties acknowledge that it would be difficult to prove the damages suffered by Kimwood and it would be inconvenient for Kimwood to obtain an adequate remedy. Therefore, the parties agree that the following liquidated damages are reasonable in the light of the anticipated or actual harm caused by the cancellation:

  • If cancellation is prior to commencement of engineering or production and prior to the assumption of any labor or material obligations by Kimwood the order may be cancelled by the purchaser with no further obligation to Kimwood.
  • If cancellation is after commencement of engineering or production or after the assumption of any labor or material obligations by Kimwood, Purchaser shall pay the sum of the following: (i) the total expenses incurred by Kimwood to the date of cancellation, including labor and material costs, (ii) any charges incurred by Kimwood to suppliers for cancellation, and (iii) the amount of the down payment. The amount of the charges and expenses shall be determined by Kimwood.

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