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Kimwood acquired the Stetson-Ross Planer Line in 1982. The Stetson-Ross Planer name has its origins dating back to 1907. To enhance this well-known and mill tested planer line, Kimwood designed and built many new style planers under the Kimwood/Stetson-Ross name. Although new planers are currently not being manufactured, our ongoing policy is to support the wood products industry by supplying the same industry tested, durable and quality built original equipment replacement parts for most of the existing Stetson-Ross Planers and our designed Kimwood/Stetson-Ross Planers. Click the following link to check for "New or Reconditioned Equipment" currently in stock.

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The most common Stetson-Ross Planers include the 610A1, 612A, 612A1, 612MA, 612MA1, 612C, 612C1, 614D & 614D1 along with the Kimwood/Stetson-Ross "K" model planers and the Narrow Lumber Planer (NLP). Other less common Stetson-Ross Planers include the 4A4 Sizer, 17A, 616A, 202, 58K Moulder and the 416A Narrow Lumber Planer along with a limited assortment of supporting equipment.


Over the years, several types of retrofits have been designed by both Stetson-Ross and Kimwood/Stetson-Ross. Some are offered to help companies keep their competitive edge and others are to replace parts or assemblies that are no longer available. Click "Stetson-Ross Planer Retrofits" for available planer upgrades.

Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings:

Kimwood maintains historical files on a large number of original Stetson-Ross Planers and Kimwood/Stetson-Ross Planers. Most mechanical replacement components can be supplied and manufactured for the more common planers. Limited historical & engineering information is available for the less common and older Stetson-Ross Planers and support equipment. Click "Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings" for more information.

Stetson-Ross Planer Reconditioning Program:

In an effort to enhance your dependable Stetson-Ross Planer's performance level, let us provide a price to recondition your existing Stetson-Ross Planer and bring it back to its original OEM specifications. Click "Reconditioning Program" for more information.

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