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With Kimwood now specializing predominately in the manufacture of wide belt sanders, our Sales Department no longer actively markets the Tri-State line of moulders, rip saws, resaws and related Tri State equipment at this time. Instead, our emphasis is on supplying replacement parts to Tri-State equipment currently in operation. However, requests for new and or replacement Tri-State equipment is certainly welcomed. Click the following link to check for "New or Reconditioned Equipment" currently in stock.

Tri-State Equipment
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The most common Tri-State equipment includes the T65 & T85 Moulders, T36 Resaw, T832 Ripsaw, TRR46 Re-Ripsaw and T500 & T510 Cut-off Saws. Other less common Tri-State equipment include the T612, T816 & T820 Ripsaw, T511 & T510-4 Cut-off Saw, TGC-14 Grinder, T411 Set-up Stand and TB-8 Boring Machine along with various other equipment.

Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings:

Kimwood maintains historical files on a large number of original Tri-State equipment. Most mechanical replacement components can be supplied and manufactured for the more common types of equipment. Limited historical & engineering information is available for the less common Tri-State equipment. Click "Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings" for more information.

Tri-State Equipment Reconditioning Program:

In an effort to enhance the performance level of your Tri-State equipment, let Kimwood provide a price to recondition and restore your Tri-State equipment back to original OEM specifications. Click "Reconditioning Program" for more information.

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