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With Kimwood currently specializing predominately in the manufacture of wide belt sanders, Kimwood handling equipment is no longer manufactured unless special requests are received by Kimwood for handling equipment. Our emphasis is on supplying replacement parts for handling equipment currently in operation.

Kimwood Handling Equipment
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With the introduction of wide belt sanders to the plywood industry in the late 50s, there developed a need to automatically and efficiently handle panels being fed into and out of the wide belt sanders. Up to this time most loading and offloading was by hand which was now quickly becoming obsolete with the high volume sanders. To meet this demand and to also provide customers with a complete sanding line package, Kimwood entered the handling equipment market in 1961.

Over the next twenty years Kimwood manufactured over 200 different styles of sorting lines, many of which are still in operation today. With providers of equipment for the wood products industry evolving into specialization, Kimwood decided to discontinue its handling line and emphasis only the manufacture of wide belt sanders for the board market. Today, Kimwood continues to sell parts for existing Kimwood handling equipment. Used equipment dealers jump at the chance to pick up used Kimwood handling equipment due to their track record of durability.

Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings:

Kimwood maintains historical files for all of it products lines. As a result of this, almost all of the equipment originally supplied can be manufactured from historical files. Kimwood also can reproduce most machine assembly drawings and original manuals for those pieces of equipment. Click "Parts, Manuals, & Assembly Drawings" for more information.

Handling Equipment Reconditioning Program:

Typically handling equipment is not rebuilt however, Kimwood will work with customers who may wish to rebuild all or a portion of their existing handling equipment to original OEM standards. Click "Reconditioning Program" for more information.

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