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Made in the USA
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Kimwood's large stress relieving oven is available to meet your needs. The machining process induces various levels of stress in parts. The larger the part typically the more stress. Parts not relieved can cause problems down the road. Kimwood has the capacity to stress relieve large and complex parts to eliminate these problems. Typical parts that benefit the most from relieving are big and complex with many weldments. Castings requiring intricate or tight machining plus close tolerances also benefit plus parts that require a lot of stock removal benefit greatly from this process.

Kimwood's Stress Relieving Oven Kimwood's Stress Relieving Oven Controls
  • 65+ years experience serving local area fabricators and machinery builders.
  • Excellent reputation for quality and service.
  • Located in Cottage Grove with close access from Interstate 5.
  • 40 miles north of Roseburg.
  • 20 miles south of Eugene.
  • In most cases, 24 hour turnaround.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Crane Capacity has a 5-Ton Limit.

During Kimwood's schedule:
  • Minimum charge for job is $240.00 minimum up to 800 lbs. or $0.30 per lb. for over 800 lbs.

Pickup and Delivery:
  • Minimum charge is $50 each way.

  • Stress relieving for any required weekend scheduling will have an additional fee.

Oven Dimensions:

Kimwood's Stress Relieving Oven Dimensions

Should you require any additional information or wish to schedule a job, please contact us. Prices effective April 6, 2020.

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