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Almost all parts are still available for previously built Kimwood/Stetson-Ross Planers with some parts carried in Kimwood's inventory and others not carried in inventory, requiring manufacturing time. For those parts which are no longer available, such as some purchased parts, Kimwood typically can provide alternative parts. Kimwood requests as much lead-time as possible for those parts which are custom manufactured and which are not inventoried and must be carefully identified upon ordering. Kimwood can provide a recommended spare parts list for most Stetson-Ross equipment for those parts that typically require a long lead-time to manufacture.

  • Mechanical Machine Manuals are available for the 610A1, 612C, 612C1, 614D & 614D1 Planers.
  • Course Manuals are also available from the earlier Stetson-Ross Planer Operator & Planer Mechanic resident school courses. Even though the resident courses are no longer held, these manuals are a great reference tool for any company operating Stetson-Ross Planers.
  • Assembly Drawing Sets and Assembly Information is available for a limited number of older Stetson-Ross Planers.

Stetson-Ross Techincal Manual
Typical Kimwood Identification Plaque

When making planer inquires for parts and related areas, please have the model number and serial number which is typically a 3 or 4 digit number for pre-1982 Stetson-Ross Planers. On these planers they are normally found on a cast metal model identification plate usually located on the operator's side. On other machinery, the model and serial number may be found on a metal tag that may be located on the operator's side.

For Planers manufactured by Kimwood/Stetson-Ross, the model and serial number which is typically a 5 digit number with a "K" being the 3rd digit, will be found on a Kimwood plaque located on the operator's side of the planer.

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