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Advantages: Allows Monitoring of all high-speed bearings for Proper Operation, Maintenance, and Early Indication of Problem Bearings.

Earlier monitoring systems incorporated a stand-alone unit, sized accordingly for the number of bearings to be monitored. With the advent of Programmable Controllers, on-screen displays (HMI's), and their enhanced capabilities for processing and displaying of system alarms, dedicated "stand-alone" monitoring units are seldom used. For this reason, the current package offered for Bearing Temperature Monitoring System Retrofit consists of all machine components. The RTD's (resistance temperature detectors), machine routing and electrical enclosures with appropriate terminals are installed to facilitate inclusion into the customers monitoring systems.

The Bearing Temperature Monitoring System Retrofit allows the high speed bearings in Power Rolls, Contact, Rolls, Combination Contact Rolls, Idler Rolls, and Tracking Rolls. Operation of each individual roll can be more closely monitored. This will allow maintenance of the sander to be planned and scheduled, rather than reacting to a particular bearing problem.

Bearing Temperature Monitoring System Retrofit

For approximately 30 years, Kimwood has been machining and manufacturing all rolls, with high-speed bearings, to accommodate the RTD's. When considering this retrofit, please contact Kimwood Machinery Inc. to ensure that your machine has the ability of accepting the components as designed.

A complete "stand alone" system can be offered the customer, if no plant monitoring system is available. Please contact Kimwood to discuss the additional hardware and design requirements.

The Bearing Temperature Monitoring System Retrofit is available for American Series, Master Series, Kimwood Smithway, Panel Master and Control Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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