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Advantages: Decreased Down Time, Increased System Reliability, Fewer Tracking Errors.

The 2K tracking system incorporated on all new Kimwood Sanders is now offered as a retrofit package for existing machines. Years of reliable operation have proven the new 2K system to be far superior to other designs available, including the incandescent system it replaces.

The 2K retrofit packages are custom designed to facilitate easy installation and operation. When ordering, we will verify which style of Kimwood Sander you have as well as the head configuration. Hardware specific to the sander application will be provided along with the required electrical assemblies.

Kimwood 2K Tracking Retrofit

The electrical components are offered in two design configurations. One system utilizes the customer's PLC to incorporate the tracking logic. If the plant PLC system cannot accommodate the limited addition of I/O required, or if you wish to maintain an isolated system, onboard microprocessors will be included. Solid state, interposing relays are added to the onboard processor systems for increased longevity. With either system, a low voltage power supply is included, along with all other enclosure materials. In addition, the emitters and receivers used in this "through-beam" retrofit have quick disconnects for ease of installation.

The earliest sanders manufactured by Kimwood Corp. did not have "individual head shut-down" causing extended down time and higher incidence of defective product. When purchasing this retrofit, please notify your sales person if you have not yet made the conversion, and we can offer you example software at no additional cost.

Kimwood 2K Tracking Retrofit

The Kimwood 2K Tracking Retrofit is available for Kimwood Smithway, Control Master, Master Series, American Series, and Panel Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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