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Advantages: Longer Wear, More Positive Panel Feed.

The first feedrolls used on Kimwood sanders were covered with a reasonably soft polyurethane covering, that offered good "driving" capabilities. Throughout the years dust removal systems have become more sophisticated and efficient thus reducing the need for the softer covering on the feedrolls. This allowed Kimwood to specify and install harder polyurethane surfaces and/or steel surfaces that allowed for longer life of the rolls.

The first 2 or 3 feedrolls in the sander are subject to the highest loads and thus requires a covering with the most traction while providing excellent durability. As a result of this Kimwood engineers designed a feedroll specifically for this area that was knurled steel and then coated with carbide. One concern in using the knurled feedrolls is that it might leave an imprint on the bottom of the panels that would be too deep to remove from the downstream sanding heads. Different types of knurls were also tried until the most appropriate knurl was selected. In some cases knurled rolls have been installed throughout the sanders however, different board applications along with feed speeds, stock removals and the grit sequence all have a final bearing on the number and type of feedrolls that can be used. Kimwood staff can offer further recommendations based upon the customer's particular application.

Knurled & Carbide Feedrolls

The main advantage to using Knurled and Carbide Feedrolls is the longer life. In some cases, we have seen roll life extended up to 6 years. In addition, the more positive gripping power of the Knurled and Carbide Feedrolls translates into better panel flow through your Kimwood Sander. This represents a significant savings in downtime for maintenance, and an increase in product quality.

The Knurled & Carbide Feedrolls is available for American Series, Master Series, Kimwood Smithway, Panel Master and Control Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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