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Advantages: Cost Savings, Longer Bearing Life, and Better Availability.

Platen Idler Roll Bearing Conversion
Left: Old style yoke plate-mounted 309KS Bearing.
Right: New style roll mounted 311K Bearing conversion with Closure Plate and Adapter for Platen Idler Roll.

The platen idler roll bearing conversion was designed to replace the 309KS bearing that was used on all Kimwood Smithway and early Control Master sanders. Idler rolls are the fastest turning of all the high speed rolls on Kimwood sanders, however, they are equipped with the smallest bearings. The 309KS bearing is a self-aligning bearing from Fafnir, the only manufacturer. As a specialty bearing, they were being manufactured sporadically. There have been instances where delivery was delayed for 6 months from the date of order. Obviously, this creates problems for both Kimwood and our customers.

This bearing conversion is constructed to allow your sander to accept idler rolls featuring internal standard 311K ball bearings. In comparing a 311K bearing to a 309KS it should be noted that the 311K is a much larger bearing, with a higher load rating, yet it is a less expensive bearing than the 309KS. Having a higher load rating minimizes replacements. It is also offered as a standard off the shelf item from a number of different suppliers, which eliminates delays and allows for better pricing.

In this retrofit conversion Kimwood provides a new idler roll assembly complete with the shaft, bearings, and closure plates plus 2 split-type mounting adapters. These mounting adapters are designed to fit into your existing yoke plate bores where the original 309KS bearings would have been. Installation requires 6 existing holes to be tapped in the yoke plates.

Combination type finish heads have one idler roll per head, requiring one idler roll bearing conversion. Platen only finish heads require two idler roll bearing conversions per head.

The Platen Idler Roll Bearing Conversion is available for Kimwood Smithway and Control Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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