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Advantages: Better cleaning of Panels, Less Maintenance, Less Down Time.

The air knives are an upgrade retrofit package for the powered radax brushes that are normally found on the outfeed end of the sander.

An air knife is a dust removal system based on an induced air stream working in relationship with the sander's standard suction system. The system in mounted on the outfeed end of the sander and provides a blower driven by a 5 HP motor. The blower produces a column of air against the face of the panel to dislodge particles from the panel face. These loose particles are then removed by the air knife via exhaust air which is connected to the plant exhaust system. Because the board has no physical contact with the induced air or the exhaust air, it eliminates any maintenance or down time to adjust or replace parts, such as brushes or brush shaft bearings.

Air Knife Retrofit

The motor and blower to supply the induced air is provided with the air knife assembly. The customer's existing dust removal system will be utilized to provide the exhaust and to complete the removal of the dislodged particles. Each air knife (top and bottom) will be constructed and shipped as an assembly, ready for field installation. The assembly will include the knife transition, mounting brackets, 1500CFM blower, 5 HP motor, and flex hose required to run between the blower and the knife transition. The knife assembly will be built with an 8" diameter exhaust connection. Slide gates are not included. Electrical controls and motor starter are customer responsibility.

Pricing is based on a single air knife assembly. Should an assembly be required for both the top as well as the bottom location on the sander, the unit price should be multiplied by two. Delivery time for the above retrofit runs approximately 6 weeks after receipt of purchase order.

The Air Knife Retrofit is available for Kimwood Smithway, Control Master, Master Series, American Series, and Panel Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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