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Advantages: Less Wear, Greater Drive for Heavier Stock Removal, Increased Feed Speed Capability, and Reduced Down Time.

Most Kimwood sanders came originally equipped with two feed and pinch rolls located in front of the first primary heads. Throughout the industry, target sizes have been reduced to the point that stock removal has become less, but at the same time production requirements are increasing. The end result is heavier demand placed on the sander feed system.

With this heavier demand there is a possibility of the first two feed rolls slipping until the leading end of the sanded panel reaches the first feed roll on the outfeed side of the primary sanding head; the 3rd feed roll. By the time the panel reaches this 3rd feed roll, slipping either is eliminated or dramatically diminished. However, during the time these first two feed rolls are slipping they are subject to excessive wear, especially if they are polyurethane covered. This slipping also contributes to poor board tolerance. This retrofit has been designed to eliminate this problem.

This retrofit consists of a new feed roll, a pinch roll, spring loaded pinch roll mounts, and either sprockets, chains, and a short section of primary chain housing, or a gearbox, coupling, and a torque arrestor. It also includes brackets designed to mount to the infeed of the sander and allow the remounting of the infeed anti-kickback finger assembly.

3rd Infeed Feed and Pinch Roll Retrofit

The 3RD Infeed Feed and Pinch Roll Retrofit is available for Kimwood Smithway, Control Master, Master Series, American Series, and Panel Master Sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery, Inc. for pricing and availability.

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