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Advantages: Part Wear, Cleaning, and Safety.

The Airflex Emergency Brake Retrofit is available for previously built Kimwood-Smithway and Control Master Sanders with serial numbers 50079 through 50160.

Kimwood introduced the Airflex Brake Assembly to replace the earlier drum type brake. The older, inboard mounted drum brakes, while functional, were located in a difficult area to access for maintenance. This area was also hard to keep clean which posed a fire hazard. Mounting the drum brake on the outboard end of the drive motor greatly reduced the maintenance problems and fire hazards, but did not necessarily increase the durability.

Airflex Brake Retrofit

The outboard mounted Airflex Brake is a superior brake over previous models used. Located on the outboard end of the drive motor, this style of brake provides an unobstructed and relatively clean area for maintenance. The brake is also more durable, requiring less maintenance than earlier brakes. Factory manufactured replacement parts, if needed, are normally stocked by Kimwood.

PLEASE NOTE: This retrofit requires the sander motors to have double extended shafts with the outboard end of the motor equipped with a "C" face for mounting of the brake. A single shaft motor, utilizing an inboard mounted drum brake, was used on sanders 50079 through 50095. To convert these sanders to the outboard mounted Airflex brakes will require new double extended motors with a "C"-face for proper brake mounting. On machines numbered 50112 and later, Kimwood has already employed the double shaft motor, and "C"-face. Conversions on these later machines will only require the Airflex Brake Assembly, "C"-face adapter ring, and the 360 degree guard.

The Airflex Brake Retrofit is available for Kimwood Smithway, Control Master Sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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