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Advantages: Safety, Longer Sprocket and Chain Life, Less Maintenance.

An enclosed chain housing is applicable to all early model sanders employing a chain and sprocket feed roll drive system. Primary Chain Housings can play an important part in enhancing the quality of the sanded product and, more importantly, increase the margin of safety for operators and maintenance people in and around the sander during operation.

The Primary Chain Housings acts as a guard for the feed chains and sprockets. It also prevents contaminates such as sanding dust and belt grit from entering the sprockets and chains area, which tend to wear out the chains quickly. It also keeps the lubrication confined to that area, not allowing oil to be spread over sanded material. In addition, it allows the feed chain and sprockets to be lubricated without the mess and fire hazard of oil all over the back of the sander.

Primary Chain Housing

The Primary Chain Housings have been redesigned with ease of maintenance in mind. Before the design changes, removal of the top section was time consuming when changing out feed rolls, or even doing simple maintenance. To minimize the inconvenience of removing the entire top section, the chain housing has been redesigned allowing several independent top sections. In this regard the entire top does not have to be removed to get to a particular area.

A well maintained housing which is kept tight, leak-free, and properly aligned will provide safety and extended life of internal feed drive parts.

The Primary Chain Housing Retrofit is available for American Series, Kimwood Smithway and Control Master sanders. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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