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The 42" Ferrari Resaw was traditionally designed to run 4" through 6" bandsaw blades which needed to be maintained by a saw-filer to sharpen and bench the blades. As technology has expanded through the wood products industry, the bands themselves changed very little until the early 1990's. To replace the wider resharpenable bands, saw band manufacturers started producing multiple types of narrow kerf bands, such as Carbide tooth and Bi-metal products. This has caused some companies to experiment with their equipment to run these smaller disposal blades on equipment that was designed to run the larger bands.

NOTE: Ferrari users must be cautioned that mechanical problems may occur and safety to operators may be compromised if narrow blades are used on unmodified Ferrari Resaws. We understand that some customers in the field are using narrow blades, whereas the Ferrari Resaw was originally designed to run a minimum of a 4" wide blade. In this regard, Kimwood does not recommend using narrow blades on Ferrari Resaws which have not been retrofitted with the Narrow Blade Retrofit. Kimwood will not be held responsible for damages due to the improper use of the equipment.

A cost analysis should be completed comparing the costs of purchasing narrow blades versus maintaining / resharpening wider blades, before switching to the 'narrow' blades.

Other items to consider:
  • Quality and Quantity of product that can be produced.
  • Labor and equipment required to maintain the blades.
  • Modifications required on the equipment.
  • Actual cost and life of the blades.

In addition, there may be more wear to certain components and more maintenance required on the equipment due to the higher strain needed for the narrower blades.

Kimwood has designed a retrofit to overcome the problems commonly encountered by running 'narrow', high strain blades on the 42" Ferrari Band Resaw. These common problems are excessive flexing of the upper spoked bandwheel, maintaining the high amount of strain required by blade manufacturers and the saw guides.

Ferrari Narrow Band Retrofit

The Narrow Blade Retrofit will require the replacement of your upper cast bandwheel(s) with a stronger, fabricated bandwheel(s) or we can supply narrow 2" wide bandwheels so the forces are applied over the center of the hub. Kimwood does not recommend using the full width OEM upper spoked cast bandwheels with narrow blades. This retrofit will minimize the stress in the upper bandwheel and significantly reduce that amount of side deflection, hence the cross-line will be easier to maintain under load, tracking of the blade will be more easily accomplished.

Since the new pressure guides and strain components increase the amount of strain that can be placed on the band, the strain arm(s) and hanger will also be replaced. The guide system will also be updated to an adjustable pressure guide to decrease the effect the board has on the blade due to walking and snaking through the cut. This guide system will stabilize the narrow blades better than the spring loaded clearance guides currently used for the wide blades.

The 'Narrow' Blade Retrofit is available for Single and Twin Band Ferrari Resaws. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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