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Advantages: Safety, Proper Head Alignment, Time Savings, and Maintenance Aid.

The dovetail fixture stand assembly is a free standing maintenance tool specially designed to assist in securing, dismantling, assembling, and aligning various head units removed from the sander. The stand will accommodate power roll units, contact head units, combination head units, and platen only finish head units. Equipped with a dovetail plate on each end, the stand allows the yoke plates to be installed while maintaining proper alignment.

The primary objective in using the dovetail fixture stand assembly is to safely secure the head unit upon removal from the sander. This allows proper alignment of head unit yoke plates. While alignment is important for all types of heads it is of primary importance when working on combination and platen only finish heads. Assembly out of proper alignment can be a detriment to bearing life, can induce tolerance problems in the sanded products, and, if out of alignment far enough, may not allow the unit to be positioned onto the sander mast.

Dovetail Fixture Stand

Head units assembled on this stand will readily allow re-installation onto the sander masts without the need of further adjusting. The fixture stand assembly also provides a safe and advantageous working environment, accessibility, and height in which to perform maintenance work on the various sanding heads. In addition, by getting the head units off the floor the problem of contaminates entering bearing cavities or other areas is greatly reduced. The fixture stand assembly also is equipped with a sheet metal shelf to provide a convenient place for the workers tools, lubricants, and other necessary supplies.

The Dovetail Fixture Stand Assembly is available for Kimwood Smithway, Control Master, Master Series, American Series, and Panel Master sanders ranging in widths from 4' to 9.5'. This assembly can be purchased complete as shown above, or as dovetail plates separately for use with an existing heavy duty table. Please contact the Sales Dept. at Kimwood Machinery Inc. for pricing and availability.

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