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Smithway Sander Before/After Reconditioning

Existing Kimwood sanders can be purchased on an "As-Is" basis with no reconditioning, or purchased on the basis of additional work being performed by Kimwood up to and including complete dismantling and reconditioning to OEM specifications. The extent of the reconditioning is at the discretion of the purchaser with some exceptions as dictated by the actual condition of the sander.

Kimwood maintains a listing of available sanders in the industry. If an appropriate match can be made between a customer's application and an available sander Kimwood will put the buyer into direct contact with the seller to perhaps work out a purchase. In some case sanders have been purchased on an "AS-IS" basis with no work performed by Kimwood. In other cases the sanders are sent to Kimwood for evaluation and reconditioning.

A sander reconditioned by Kimwood involves removal of all component parts and sub-assemblies from the sander down to the base frame followed by a complete and intensive reconditioning to original OEM specifications. The recondition carries a 12-month new sander warranty as outlined in Kimwood's Terms and Conditions. A performance guarantee is also provided with the recondition.

Exceptions to the recondition program are the main drive motors, feed drive motor/gearbox and brakes, which are handled separately. Motors are sent to a certified motor shop for evaluation. Following the evaluation a motor condition report with pricing is presented to the customer for review and approval. Kimwood will also make recommendations on brake upgrades as part of the motor report. Kimwood can also provide pricing for new ODP and TEFC-XE motors should the customer elect to upgrade to new motors. The remaining smaller sander motors (i.e.: brush panel cleaning, lift system, etc.) are typically replaced as part of the overall recondition.

Please contact the Sales Department,, for additional information regarding the Kimwood Sander Reconditioning Program.

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